Young People in Japan Show a New Way to Use Brass Knuckles

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Pranks on comedy shows are a common part of Japanese television. Wednesday’s Downtown is a Japanese comedy program hosted by comedians Masatoshi Hamada and Hitoshi Matsumoto. In this particular gem shared by royaltree1204  they tested to see if young people recognized brass knuckles as weapons or not. In order to test the youths knowledge, they pretended they wanted to test their cooking skills. The hosts hid the weapons among the cooking utensils and asked the young people to prepare a dish of their choosing. In reality they just wanted to see how many people would use the brass knuckles while cooking. Surprisingly more than half mistook the deadly weapons for cooking tools.

Not satisfied with these results the host started adding more and more random objects to the cooking utensils to see who’d use them. Eventually they managed to get someone who used every single item while cooking. Check out the video below.

After seeing this we’ll be careful who we let cook for us.

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