We Unbox the Nintendo Switch

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We finally got our hands on a Nintendo Switch. Since the internet already has enough unboxing videos we thought we’d give you some hi res photos.

First the box. The Japanese box is almost exactly the same as the English box except that there’s a bit of Japanese in the bottom and the inner flap.

Let’s take a peak inside.

The plastic is pre-opened so you don’t have to rip or cut it to get the stuff out.

All assembled.

We didn’t run into any kickstand issues here.

Now the joy cons.


Let’s see what’s left.

The dock, joy con grip, hdmi, and power cables.

What ever you do, DO NOT attach the straps to the joy cons backwards. like we did. Make sure to pay attention to the + and – signs on the straps and match them.

The dock.


The joycon grip

Here’s a size comparison of the joy con grip and pro controller.

More pics


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