Real Life Tokyo Ghoul Cafe Opens in Ikebukuro

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To celebrate the release of the live action Tokyo Ghoul movie next month Ikebukuro PARCO’s Guest Cafe& Diner will be converting into Tokyo Ghoul Cafe for a limited time. The restaurant will feature menu items based on the manga. The problem is the manga is about people called ghouls who can only consume human flesh.

Fans may recognize some of the items as things that characters have eaten over the course of the manga. There are also other dishes just based on the characters.

Right here we have a curry dish designed to look like Kaneki’s eye.

  Then we have a questionably wrapped burger. Roughly translated as “Are you really going to eat this…? Burger

Unwrapped it’s two meat patties with who knows what in the middle.


Hinami’s Burger looks like it’s supposed to be a bloody burger with severed fingers.

We can’t really see anyone but hardcore Tokyo Ghoul fans enjoying this. The Tokyo Ghoul Cafe will be open until June 28th.

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