Nintendo Switch Camping Trip

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Inspired by Nintendo Switch commercials that showed people playing games on the go, three guys decided to take their Nintendo Switches on a camping trip in Japan.

It took about two hours to get to the camping grounds so they occupied their time playing in the car with a tablet holder just like in the commercial. Unfortunately the driver was unable to participate in the fun.

If you’re trying to catch your dinner alone, the Switch is useful for fighting boredom while waiting for fish to bite.

One of the happy campers enjoying Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild in his tent. He was so immersed in the gaming that a crow almost made off with all of his freshly cooked fish.

Tragedy struck as they played Samurai Training without using the Joy-con wrist straps. During a vicious katana swing one of the Joy-cons was accidentally thrown to the ground.

This mark was the result. They urge everyone else to learn from their mistake and always attach the straps when playing with the Joy-cons detached from the Switch.

They even played while cooking their fish.

And while drinking some beer and chatting. They somehow ended up playing Othello.

Finally they played Breath of the Wild in their sleeping bags until the battery ran out.

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