Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition Coming To A Close In Tokyo

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Marvel’s Age of Heroes Exhibit in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo will be coming to a close next week. ¬†For the past two months the exhibition has showcased the history of Marvel comics and props from the Marvel Universe movies.

When visitors enter the exhibit, they’re greeted by a massive Iron Man statue and a welcome video by Stan the Man Lee himself. Unfortunately there are a lot of areas where visitors can’t take photos. This mostly include costumes from the MCU movies and areas with original comic art. On the way out of the exhibit people are herded into a shop filled with Marvel goods. We saw more Hot Toys Marvel products than we even knew existed. It was enough to make our wallets cry.

With only one week to go, and the exhibit being in Tokyo many people won’t get the chance to see it. We took the liberty of taking some photos for those unfortunate souls. The final day for the exhibit is June 25th so if you’re in town you might want to swing by. Here’s a link to the official English site.

Massive gallery below.

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