Fanboy Archive’s Best of E3 2017

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Every year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 game companies reveal big game news, trailers, and gameplay for upcoming games. As huge gamers it’s almost like Christmas for us. We compiled a list of some of the things we enjoyed the most from this year’s E3.

Days Gone
This game caught us off guard a few months ago with an impressive gameplay video boasting an insane amount of zombies chasing a player in a manner we never thought possible. At E3 a new gameplay video was shown.

Spider-man PS4
Marvel’s new PS4 Spider-man game looks like it will be insane. Words can’t do it justice so just check out the gameplay for yourself.

Xenoblades Chronicles 2
At the end of the day we’re suckers for RPGs. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch looks like it will be the perfect way to spend our commute. Nintendo released a trailers as well as a 40+ minute gameplay demo.

Monster Hunter World
We were a bit bummed to hear that Monster Hunter XX won’t be localized for the Nintendo Switch as of yet, but the reveal of Monster Hunter World for PS4 more than made up for it.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Don’t get us wrong, we loved the Budokai series DBZ games but we’re excited about the 2D Dragon Ball Z fighting game. It mimics the style of the anime extremely well.

Assassin’s Creed Origins
We thought we might be burned out with the Assassin’s Creed franchise but this changed out minds.


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