Everything you need to know about FFXII The Zodiac Age in 240 Seconds

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Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age, the HD remake of Final Fantasy XII will be here this summer. Square Enix released two videos to let fans know more about the remake.

In the first vid we get a glimpse at the new system that allows you to speed up you character’s movement when traversing the large zones. You can also speed up the fights which will probably be handy when grinding. They also mention an auto save feature to keep you from losing your progress when you meet your untimely demise. ¬†Finally they introduce the new job system that lets you chose two jobs for each character and determines what abilities they can use.

In the second video they briefly touch on the game’s story and introduce the main characters. Then they mention our personal favorite part which is the gambit system. Using the gambit system you can completely customize the AI for your party members. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will be out on July 13th 2017.

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