Dragon Quest Just Got Real

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New info has been released about Universal Studios Japan’s new “Dragon Quest The Real” attraction. Guests will be able to choose classic Dragon Quest classes like Warrior or Mage and use weapons just like in the game. You’ll also be able to accept quests and go on an adventure as well. Somehow killing monsters will earn you experience points and you’ll also be able to level up and gain skills.

The attraction will run from March 17th to Sept 3rd . The story for the attraction will be based on the first three games of the series. It will be open to elementary school students and up. Making your way through the attraction should take around 10 minutes. Express Passes will also be on sale for 2700 yen on Feb 14th for people who don’t want to spend their time stuck in line.

You can also score some pretty nice Dragon Quest merchandise.

Check  out the official site here.


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