Bravely Default Fairy Effect Closed Beta Feedback Released

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Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect is a mobile game by Square Enix and Silicon Studio based on the 3DS rpg Bravely Default. Back in November 2016 Square Enix held a closed beta test for the game. Now they’ve released some of the feedback they received from the test. Below are some of the questions they asked.

When this game is released do you think you’d want to play it?
■ I’ll definitely play it 59.06%
■ If it’s free I’ll try it out 37.83%
■ I don’t think I’ll play it again 3.11%

Did you like the background music?
■ It was good 88.73%
■ It was ok 6.91%
■ It was bad 0.28%
■ I didn’t listen to the background music 4.08%

Overall, how was the game?
■ It was great 31.37%
■ It was good 36.07%
■ It was ok 26.90%
■ It was bad 4.53%
■ It was terrible 1.13%

How was the battle system?
■ It was great 25.71%
■ It was good 24.58%
■ It was ok 31.82%
■ It was bad 15.29%
■ It was terrible 2.60%

Did you like the character and equipment design?
■ It was great 66.25%
■ It was good 23.39%
■ It was ok 9.29%
■ It was bad 0.85%
■ It was terrible 0.22%

What did you think of the world and story?
■ It was great 73.16%
■ It was ok 22.59%
■ I didn’t care for it 1.36%
■ I didn’t read the story 2.89%

Overall the feedback was very positive it seems. We’ll be interested in hearing more about the game in the future. Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect is due out later in 2017.





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