Black Lightning Hits the CW

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Not one to be left behind on the television front, DC is releasing a new super hero on the CW. Joining the ranks of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl is Black Lightning. Black Lightning is a superhero that debuted in the 1970. this was a period that guaranteed that if you were a black superhero or villain you code name had a 70% chance of having the word “black” in it. While his name is the same we’re glad to see his super suit has been upgraded since his debut.

The 70s was also an era where every black hero was required to have a costume with an open chest. In CW’s version of Black Lightning the hero is forced to come out of retirement for reasons to protect his family and community. We’re hoping some actual super powered villains show up. Much to our dismay, CW has announced that the show won’t be a part of the Arrow universe and now crossovers with other shows are planned at the moment. That could change in the future as it did with Supergirl but it’s still disappointing. Check out the trailer below


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