Bandai Releasing Life-Sized Pokeballs

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If you’re looking for another way to let everyone know how much you love Pokemon, or you just want some Pokemon accessories, you’re in luck. Bandai is releasing ten different types of Pokemon ball models. They even come with a nifty holder that lets you attach six balls to your belt like in the game/anime. Even though there are no Pokemon to fill them with you can open them up and store other things like candy and mints. Some mints will actually come with the balls when you buy them.

Types include

Poke Ball

Great Ball/ Super Ball

Ultra Ball/ Hyper Ball

Master Ball

Quick Ball

Dusk Ball/ Dark Ball

Timer Ball

Heal Ball

Dive Ball

Luxury Ball/ Gorgeous Ball

Premier Ball
Pre-orders for the balls started today but it looks like they’re already sold out. They’re scheduled to be released in September 2017 and will cost 7,020 yen.┬áMore info and images can be found on Bandai’s site.

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