Attack on Titan is Coming to 7-Eleven

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Attack on Titan is coming to 7-Eleven ATMs, in Japan that is. Currently Japan has more 7-Elevens than any country in the world including the United States. Almost every 7-Eleven in Japan has an ATM corner. This year 7-Eleven is collaborating with Attack on Titan in time for the premier of the second season of the anime. There will be a Attack on Titan themed ATM corner in the Nakano Broadway 7-Eleven in Tokyo Japan. Inside the corner there will be an ATM machine as usual. but there will also be a booth where you can take a photo and have a titan appear. It will be open from March 31st to Jun 30th. For those who don’t know Nakano Broadway is an indoor shopping center that’s packed with anime related goods, so we’re not surprised this collaboration is happening there.

A mock up of how the Attack on Titan themed ATM corners will look.

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