Anime Catch Phrase Ranking

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Many super heroes have catch phrases they yell before running or flying into battle. Anime is also full of such catchphrases.  Anime Anime took the time to survey 1274 people in order to find out their favorite anime catchphrases. Tiger and Bunny was the most picked anime, which is no surprise since it’s a super hero anime and superheros love their catch phrases. Tiger, one of the main characters from Tiger and Bunny was picked 3 times.  Check out the ranking below.

  1. “It’s time to let out a wild roar” Wild Tiger – Tiger and Bunny

2. “Let’s go, old man!” Barnaby Brooks Jr. – Tiger and Bunny

3. “I’m here!” All Might – My Hero Academia

4. “Wild Tiger has arrived” Wild Tiger – Tiger and Bunny

5. “I’m just a hero as a hobby.” Saitama – One Punch Man

6. “Because I believed you would trust me.” Wild Tiger – Tiger and Bunny

7. “Thank you, and thank you! – Sky High – Tiger and Bunny

8. “Kiss my boots.” Golden Ryan – Tiger and Bunny

9. “Men are bravery, women are charming, gay guys are the best!” Fire Emblem – Tiger and Bunny

10. “It’s like my side effect said.” Yūichi Jin – World Trigger


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